Friday, January 23, 2009

Jonas Brothers, Smonas Brothers

Some of you may know that Max is in this thing called School of Rock. It's music lessons and at the end of 4 months they do a concert. This semester the theme was hair metal of the 80's and Max did his first lead vocals. It was Awesome! Max played keys on "Final Countdown" and a few other songs, played guitar on " I hate everything about you" and sang lead vocals on "Gypsy Road" and " On with the Show". Now, this isn't really my kind of music. Some of my friends may be familiar with these songs (Nadine), but its a little back parking lot for me personally. Unfortunately, I don't think they will do a concert of Joe Jackson, Madness, English Beat and Jackson 5 songs. The next concert will be the Doors, I think sometime in late April or May. You should come! 

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Korin said...

I totally want to come. I love the Doors!