Friday, November 28, 2008

Jesus who?

At Thanksgiving dinner the other night,  I somberly volunteered to say grace. I got as far as " Bless us, oh Lord for these thy gifts which we are about to receive through the bounty of........ and I totally blanked. There was a long pause and my Aunt finally came through with " our lord, Jesus Christ".  

                                                 Oh yeh, that guy.  

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

1st grade vigil

You may have noticed a lot of pink merchandise in the stores in the past month. The Susan G Komen thing. Maddie picked out this water bottle at Target and on the way home in the car she told me that she felt really good about supporting the fight against Breath cancer. I'm not sure how common breath cancer  is, but I can tell you that I'm pretty sure her Dad has it. 

King of the Groms

Max placed 8th. There were 34 kids entered in his category, so I'm proud of him, but he's mad because Al promised him a cellphone if he placed in the top 5. I tell you, you can't win. Anyway, Max started his own blog so if you are interested in a personal slant on his victory, or a video of his performance, check it out at

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hope ( not the Obama kind)

I'm exhausted. I shouldn't be, but I am wasted and I'm getting two cold sores, and yesterday I drove away from the gas station with the pump still in my car. Waiting for a miracle is tiring business. I really have a lot of hope invested in this acupuncture treatment and I think I am constantly on edge. Looking for something. Trying to detect a change in seizures. Is he looking at things more, or am I imagining it? Is he stronger, or is he just having a good day?

Have you ever driven by a church and seen that slogan. " Expect a miracle"? Well, I do. I know Oskars miracle is out there if I can just find it. Every single day I wake up and think " maybe he won't have seizures today". It wears me out, but I don't know any other way to be. I can't give up, or I wouldn't be able to get through the day.

So I will wear lipstick to cover the shankers and double check the gas pump and try to get some sleep and and carry on.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Day three of Oskie's scalp acupuncture treatment. More needles than ever today. I haven't noticed a change in his seizures yet, but I have to say he seems more alert and stronger to me. I feel like he is throwing his head back less and looking around more. I wish Hannah or his teachers and therapists could be here to tell me what they think. Anyway, I am still hopeful, I'll keep you posted. 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Glide memorial

Oskie and my mom and I went to Glide today. It's a methodist church in SF with a huge gospel choir and an incredibly diverse congregation. It always lifts me up, but today was especially moving. The church was packed to the rafters with people coming to celebrate hope. Watching a slide montage of images of Obama and MLK and homeless people holding signs about change with the 100 member gospel choir singing while a church full of total strangers holds hands and sway back and forth like Who's on Christmas morning was an amazing experience. Glide has a reputation for being a place of tolerance and love, and the crowd this morning was proof. I saw black and white, lesbian, gay, transgender, families with small children, old people, homeless people, recovering addicts. I do have to say, however that I wouldn't have wanted to be a Republican in that church today. I mean, there's only so much we can tolerate. 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dr Zhu and Oskar

okay, I'm too tired to try and be funny. Osk and I are in California and today we went to our first scalp acupuncture session. We drove an hour and a half with my mom to see Dr Zhu in San Jose. We talked about Oskie and he believes that he was probably born with some problem of the brain that was intensified by his vaccinations. I know there are probably people rolling their eyes at that, but my mothers intuition tells me the same thing. He had his first seizures an hour after he had his third set of vaccinations. Anyway, he put about 10 needles in his scalp and we went home with them still in, which was quite nerve wracking. We'll see if it helps. We go back tomorrow and then have the weekend off. I did notice that Oskie seemed especially alert and bright eyed after the session. He was a little pissed off about the needles though, probably because he was napping in La la's lap when they were inserted. A cheap trick. 

Obama Nation

For the first time in a long time, I'm really, really proud to be an American.