Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dr Zhu and Oskar

okay, I'm too tired to try and be funny. Osk and I are in California and today we went to our first scalp acupuncture session. We drove an hour and a half with my mom to see Dr Zhu in San Jose. We talked about Oskie and he believes that he was probably born with some problem of the brain that was intensified by his vaccinations. I know there are probably people rolling their eyes at that, but my mothers intuition tells me the same thing. He had his first seizures an hour after he had his third set of vaccinations. Anyway, he put about 10 needles in his scalp and we went home with them still in, which was quite nerve wracking. We'll see if it helps. We go back tomorrow and then have the weekend off. I did notice that Oskie seemed especially alert and bright eyed after the session. He was a little pissed off about the needles though, probably because he was napping in La la's lap when they were inserted. A cheap trick. 


Hannah said...

I am so hopeful!! I hope I'm not expecting too much, but I really want it to work!!

dad said...

nice comb over