Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Soul installation

Today I had a portion of Oskar's soul re-installed.

It started a few months ago when a friend of mine told me to go to a woman who does channeling assisted therapy. She had a story about Oskar, and whether you believe this kind of thing or not, it's a great story.

In Oskar's most recent past life he had a horrible accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. He even needed a tube to breathe. He was so upset and angry about this, that when he passed from that life, he immediately jumped into another body instead of spending the time he needed in the astral plane to process that life. Oskar's problems this life are a combination of the universe needing for him to learn the lessons he needed to in an imperfect body, and an overlay of anger and frustration from his past life that doesn't belong here. Anyone who knows Oskar knows he screamed for the first year of his life. I can't tell you how many cranio-sacral people told me he had some kind of anger he was carrying around. So now here's the spooky part. Oskie was born with a scar in his neck that looks just like a tracheotomy scar. Doctors remark on it all the time and ask me if he ever had one.

This lady sent the part of Oskar's soul that needed to process the anger back to the astral plane and told me that it would be ready to return in a few months. So today, we went back and had the soul re-installed. She said it was hanging above his head and was very excited to get back in . She felt that his soul was committed to this life and excited to get to work.

I think me and this new soul are going to get along famously.