Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Girl Scouts of America

There are a lot of things I never pictured myself as. A midwesterner, a mother of a special needs child, an expat...perhaps the most surprising though is my latest metamorphosis. Yes people, you heard it here, I am an adult Girl Scout of America. I signed the papers tonite! Maddie wants to be a girl scout and there was no one to lead the troop, so I went to my first training tonight. I learned the Girl Scout pledge and the hand signal. Those of you who have known me for a long time probably could have seen this coming, with my high moral standards and my burning desire to be a role model for young women everywhere. And, of course my love of Thin mints. I'm pretty sure we get a discount on the cookies. 


Anonymous said...

when do you get issued your sexy girlscoutfit?

kim said...

I totally saw this coming, it was really a matter of when, not if. I think your first act should be to get rid of those yucky coconut cookies.

dawn said...

No discount on the thin mints.

Actually, what happens is that your daughter begs you to go with her to sell them door to door. And you keep saying you will, but it never happens. And before you know it the order forms are due and she hasn't sold a single bloody box.

She's devastated. And so you tell her you plan on buying six dozen, reasoning that it's actually easier to sell cookies when consumers are able to receive the product at the time of the sale.

But then the cookies come. And you still don't get around to selling them. And then they sit in boxes and collect dust for about a year.

And, ultimately, when you move cross country as a result of a job loss, you end up donating the six dozen boxes of thin mints to the Good Will. (Minus the dozen or two boxes you eat as time goes by!)