Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bargaining with God

I find myself spending a lot of time lately thinking about deals I would be willing to make with God. What I would give to have him take Oskar's seizures away, for instance. My car, my home, all my material possessions. That's a no brainer. In my head though, it's never a deal where I have to sell my car and use the funds to have some medical procedure done, it's more like I get a contract in the mail, fill out some paperwork and a celestial repo man comes and takes it away. That morning, miraculously, Oskar wakes up and his seizures are gone. I would also be willing to drop it off in some kind of lot. Even if I had to drive a substantial distance. I could have Al follow me or I guess I would be willing to take the bus home. These are details I'm still working out. From there, the deals get more involved. Would I give an arm? A leg? Yes. Would I kill a stranger? No. But I can't see why God would want a deal like that anyway. I mean, my car has resale value at least. Then there is the toughest question. Would I give my life for Oskar's? Or would I take his seizures myself so he could have a normal life. I waver on this one, not because I am scared of the pain, but because if I was sick, who would take care of Max and Maddie and Oskar? So far I've netted out that I would be willing  to alternate days with him, or we could work out a 3 day on, three day off schedule. Whatever it is, hopefully it would be organized enough that I could arrange childcare for my afflicted days. 

And Hannah. What would I give for Hannah to not have to go through what she is going through? I'm working on it. I think I've come up with some deals God won't be able to refuse, but I'm not ready to divulge the details just yet. 

Does anyone know where I submit these offers? 

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dawn said...

I don't know for sure where to submit such deals, but here's a place to start.

For centuries people have been putting prayers and requests in at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Fortunately, modern technology now allows you to fax in your thoughts.

If this doesn't work, might I suggest placing a request at the underpass in Chicago where a stain on the wall is said to resemble the Virgin Mary,2933,153985,00.html