Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Dark side of Al Roker

Oskar and I like to watch the Today show in the mornings as we drink our tea and ease into our day. Today, Al Roker interviewed this woman ( turns out she was a friend of his) about a novel she wrote based on an incident in her childhood. It turns out that when she was six, her best friend's mother committed suicide and killed both of her children by locking them in the car with her in the garage with the engine running. Very sad. So one of Al's follow up questions was what it was like for the author to imagine herself as that mother. She explained that her own children saw her personality change as she got more inside the character. She then joked that her daughter even asked her one day " Mommy, are you going to do what the lady in the book did?" Al Roker and this author then proceeded to joke for the next few minutes about this scenario. "get in the car!" " No mommy, dont make me!" Then they laughed and laughed and laughed. Oskar and I agreed it was totally F 'ed up. 

On a side note, it has not gone without our notice that Meredith Viera makes ALOT of jokes about drinking cocktails in the morning. I'm not saying she has a problem, but they might want to double check that cooking sherry after the kitchen segments, if you know what I mean....

 Anne Curry seems to be the only one with a modicum of decorum on that show these days.  Oskar thinks we might have to switch to Good Morning America.  

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al roker said...

Im not sure how I feel about having as you put it "a dark side". You know I'm black, right??