Monday, September 29, 2008

The election

Yes, it's over. The most important election of our time. Max won his bid for fourth grade student council representative. The competition was fierce. Fortunately his message of freedom from the oppression of bad cafeteria food and hope for more school-wide events like pajama day and crazy hair day was a message that the constituents of room 109 were ready to hear. As his campaign managers, Al and I suggested negative campaigning ( his main competition, Molly is apparently a well-known nose picker) but Max decided to stick to his guns and spread his message of hope and change. Viva la maverick! 

We're all waiting for news about Hannah. Keeping our fingers crossed. Oskie and I miss her terribly. 


max kelly said...

I strongly support Max Kelly for student council, because I am Max Kelly.

Kim Revai said...

Congratulations Max! I hope you get the support you need to fulfill your campaign promises