Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It has been a very exciting week around here. Al and Maddie made a video last summer when we were up at a cabin in Northern Minnesota. Maddie found an old book in the library at the lodge and she had such funny things to say about the pictures, Al filmed it. We showed it to our friends and family this summer, and thought nothing more about it. Last week, Al put the link on his Facebook page and all of a sudden,  Maddie is all over the internet and TV. She's had over 3 million hits on yahoo and you tube, and last friday she was clip of the week on the Soup. She was also on the front page of Yahoo and on about a million websites, including Boing Boing and Funny or Die. We are just cracking up and can't believe it. Last nite she had in interview with a reporter from the Boston Metro and tonight they will be playing the video on TRL on MTV followed by another interview with a producer at the Bonnie Hunt show to see if they might be interested in having her on. Now my favorite offer so far is an off-off broadway director in New York who watched all of Max and Maddie's videos and wants to talk about collaborating on a script with them. I can't even get them to collaborate on cleaning the basement, so good luck with that. 


me said...

maybe if max and maddie help write the play, the cast will come over and help clean the basement

Anonymous said...
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